Smart Talk @ The C Level

SmartTalk @ The C Level serves up an insider’s view of the dialogue between top executives as they grapple with the complex world of technology and the challenges of running a business.

It’s not often a CEO and CTO meet eye to eye like Ryan Comingdeer and Preston Callicott. In fact, their rapport might make some C level executives downright jealous. Whatever the magic formula is, the two seem to strike a balance – a seasoned, big picture thinker focused on dollars and growth. And a smart, grounded technologist with a desire to push the edge of what technology can do.

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The CEO, Preston Callicott

A highly experienced executive with limitless passion for business and technology, Preston Callicott is what his clients call a “triple threat.” With a background in engineering, broad technological expertise, and a vital understanding of business, he has built a career transforming how large corporations and start up ventures adopt and implement technology.

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The CTO, Ryan Comingdeer

Ryan Comingdeer is a successful entrepreneur and gifted developer committed to pushing technology to its limits. With deep knowledge about client/server architecture and Internet technologies, Comingdeer implements custom-developed and packaged application systems that solve operational, technological and design challenges.

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  • AWS reInvent 2016 reCap 2

    Innovating for the Future Since its launch, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has succeeded in solving the biggest DevOps challenges for cloud-based hosting, scalability, maintainability, and security. Today Amazon’s global infrastructure solutions have transformed cloud-based computing and unleashed limitless possibilities for the future of app and software development. Think that’s impressive? Welcome to AWS 2016. Two weeks ago at ...

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  • technology consultant and client meeting

    You’re launching a new app or starting an enterprise level software project and looking to outsource development. Time and resources are at stake, and you’ve been handed the responsibility for finding a technology consultant. How do you choose? And how can you be confident you’ve made the right choice? We’ll look at which questions to ...

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  • it security threat laptop open photo

    As a follow up to February’s blog on internet security threats, Five Talent CTO Ryan Comingdeer and Redhawk Network Security David Lindemann, VP of Technology & Products, discuss the best internet security tools and reactive strategies for mitigating IT risk, preventing Internet hack attempts, and protecting sensitive information. A DEVELOPER’S PERSPECTIVE ON SECURITY IT security constantly challenges us as ...

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  • Password Hack Grab

    The Question Isn’t Whether You’ll be Hacked, it’s WHEN Hackers, Black Hats, bots, malware, the Dark Web. It may sound like the story plot of The Force Awakens, but the security battle is all too real. In Part 1 of this two-part discussion on internet security threats, the Five Talent team looks at types of internet ...

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  • Developing Software for Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

    How a Well-Defined MVP Lowers Risk, Preserves Cash, and Wins Overs Investors Agile development begins with defining the Minimum Viable Product (MVP), but for most clients getting there poses a real challenge. Five Talent’s C-level execs Ryan Comingdeer (CTO) and Preston Callicott (CEO) join Digital Engagement Manager Reese Mercer to discuss the benefits of a well-defined ...

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  • amazon web services conference

    An energized Five Talent team just returned from the AWS re:Invent 2015 conference in Las Vegas armed with a cadre of new tools leveraging Amazon services. The company also just swept all five AWS certifications, making it one of Amazon’s (approximately) 1,300 top tier Consulting Partners. Leading the effort from Five Talent are CTO Ryan ...

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  • Bridge The Gap

    Today, you can hire overseas senior software developers for a third of the cost as those in the United States. But should you? Five Talent CEO Preston Callicott and CTO Ryan Comingdeer look at the challenges of working with offshore teams, and why reshoring is back as a trend. CEO: For most companies, it’s the cost ...

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  • Person Working at desk

    Company leaders face this decision more often than they’d like, and it’s not going away. How do you navigate the build vs. buy question and ensure you get a system that adapts and evolves as you do? Five Talent CEO Preston Callicott and CTO Ryan Comingdeer dive into the debate: CEO: It really comes down to ...

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  • excel-must-die-feature

    With over a half billion users worldwide, Excel is one of the most popular tools in business for collecting and managing data. It is also the biggest culprit when it comes to the creation of data silos, errors, and process inefficiencies. Five Talent CEO Preston Callicott and CTO Ryan Comingdeer take on Microsoft’s darling in ...

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