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Five Talent knows online marketing.  Our Digital Marketing team of online marketing specialists, copywriters and analytics pros understand how to best position your website to get found by popular search engines.

Attracting quality visitors to your website can significantly enhance your revenues, sales, phone calls and form fills - in other words, the raison d’etre for most websites in the first place!

Five Talent offers these core Digital Marketing services to get your website found. 

On-Page SEO

Visibility to search indexes (like Google and Bing) is essential. Technical execution and strong page theming will send clear signals on what your pages are about. To put your best pages forward, Five Talent provides:

  • Keyword research for relevant page theming for high volume, low competition
  • Robust and compelling meta information for visibility and conversion
  • Schema Markup to signal to search engines

Building Website and Page Authority

Google estimates there are 60 Trillion individual pages on the internet, much of this is of questionable quality. And so, building authority on your topic within your industry is absolutely essential to distinguish your website as a non-spam, quality website that strangers will want to visit.  Five Talent can help you to build and deploy strategies and tactics to amass authority through:

  • Social engagement. What is the right combination of content origination and curation, and engagement to keep your online presence fresh, relevant and engaging?  And what social channels make the most sense for your industry and business?  We can help.
  • Linking strategies. Referral links to pages on your site from relevant, credible websites will help to build online trust and authority.
  • Content and blog strategies for expanding visibility and reach

Local Search

For businesses with a local service area and customer focus both Bing and Google provide unique advantage to be found prominently within local search results and carousels on page one.  Securing this “local search love” however takes a disciplined effort to ensure Name, Address, Phone number consistency across multiple directories, build positive local reviews, and to optimize Bing and Google Places profiles. 

Complementing these core services, Five Talent can also establish analytics for measurement, perform SEO audits and implement effective PPC (paid advertising) campaigns.

Contact us today to discuss a scalable SEO service solution that meets your needs and your budget.

SEM or Paid Advertising (PPC)

For many industries paid advertising - for example, through Google AdWords Search, Display and Retargeting - can bring excellent, qualified visitors to your website, ready to "purchase". Executing an effective, ROI-positive paid advertising campaign is not for the inexperienced however. Five Talent's AdWords qualified individuals provide the research, strategy and execution of Paid Advertising campaigns that generate real results and sales.

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