About Us

Our Culture

We often ask ourselves, “What’s the right thing to do here?”

It’s a serious question. Doing the right thing isn’t always simple. It demands an open mind, careful consideration, and an internal moral compass. At Five Talent, it means balancing the needs and desires of our clients with smart guidance based on our skills and experience. Most of all, we believe that doing the right thing results in good things – for you and your business.

Five Key Values


It may be an old-fashioned word, but it’s a timeless ethic and the foundation of our Five Talent culture. When we take on your project, we accept the deep level of responsibility it requires to manage your resources wisely and respectfully.


Our team knows how to listen, and we know how to ask a lot of questions too. This mutual discovery process is crucial when it comes to aligning your goals with our capabilities.


We’re at our optimal best when we’re pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone and up steep learning curves – from how we approach technology and design to how we improve our internal processes.


Successful projects depend on realistic budgets, timeline and parameters. We never assume we know your business better than you do, and are honest and straightforward when assessing your needs.


Time and money are precious, limited resources. From the outset, we spend the time to understand your expectations, objectives and goals before laying out a proposal. And when it comes to ideas, we encourage an ongoing dialogue that uncovers diverse perspectives.

Let’s Work Together

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