Adapting to Change, Staying Agile

It has been over three weeks since we shifted to being a virtual company. Fortunately, as a tech business we are well prepared to keep operations running during this crisis. We are also grateful we can offer our clients and employees stability and security in the midst of change and uncertainty.

Though working from home is far from easy right now, our team has adapted quickly to remote work and has been able to deliver the same level of service to our clients. As seasoned pros, they are rising to the challenge. They are also doing community outreach, including sewing masks for health care workers, setting up online streaming for local churches, donating to food pantries, and looking over their elderly neighbors – small things that make a big difference.

Still, we are missing the spontaneous creativity and comradery of working in the office together. There are plenty of Zoom calls, our Slack channels are busy, and we are having virtual happy hours, but seeing each other in person again will be something to celebrate. Without a doubt, we are being asked to apply the same agile concepts we use in development to the changing dynamics of our daily lives.

Our entrepreneurial Bend community is doing the same. Businesses are pivoting and adapting, trying out new business models, learning how to become virtual, and reinventing as fast as they can. From local distillers making hand sanitizer to manufacturers using their 3D printers to make masks for frontline workers, Bend is working hard to innovate and foster change.

For our clients, the coronavirus has had a mixed impact. Many are experiencing the benefits of being Well-Architected and operating in the cloud, with pay-as-you-go and scalable, robust technical environments that have allowed for a fairly smooth transition. They are still actively engaged in their development projects, adding new POCs (proof of concepts) and queuing up future workloads. We are also seeing new demand from the government sector as it seeks to respond to a changing landscape.

Our retail clients are facing more uncertainty. Even if they are already in the cloud, some have had to pause development projects in order to address more immediate challenges. In those cases, we have wrapped up existing tasks to ensure we are able to start up quickly when they are ready to engage again. Mostly, we are offering encouragement, advice, and support.

Change is never easy, but we can get through tough times when we work together. Let us know how we can help.




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