Amazon Personalize

& Amazon Forecast

Unlocking the power of machine learning


Real time, personalized recommendations

Optimize your customer experience with a sophisticated recommendation engine for products, content, and promotions. Gain new insights into user behavior and identify selling opportunities for increasing your ROI.

Accessible and Affordable

Leverage machine learning capabilities for impactful results:

  • Deliver quality recommendations
  • Enhance customer experiences
  • Build and deploy easily
  • Lower costs with pay-for-use pricing
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Taking customer experience to the next level

A real estate industry client is leveraging Amazon Personalize to improve its customer experience for online home searches. In the past, the company had used a simple recommendation engine for its website that recommended homes to users based on properties receiving the most traffic. Using Personalize, it will be able to provide highly customized recommendations based on a complex algorithm that integrates multiple variables with a model that trains itself. For only a small investment, they expect to see a significant increase in the number of successful home rentals.


Accurate forecasting for increased profitability

Implement machine learning models for complex predictive analysis. Track trends and related variables impacting product demand, financial performance, and resource needs.

Generate highly accurate forecasting models:

  • Incorporate time series data from multiple variables
  • Account for irregular trends
  • Integrate with existing tools
  • Deploy without provisioning servers

Gaining new insights into seasonal trends

For a brick and mortar retail client, forecasting the type and volume of products to stock on its shelves was extremely challenging due to seasonal trends. With our help, the company evaluated what external variables might be affecting seasonal activities to determine why they occurred. Using Forecast, we have trained a model to identify those trends and provide insights for how to better manage their inventory.