AWS services unleash infinite possibilities for developing new products and applications with reach into global markets. How are you leveraging them?

We use Well-Architected Framework best practices to build high-performing, scalable solutions supported by the secure, reliable, cost-effective infrastructure of the AWS Cloud.

Custom Software Development

We build custom software leveraging the power of the cloud to drive new product innovation and market success.

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Designing custom solutions that improve your ability respond to threats and meet regulatory requirements.

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Improving testing with monitoring and rapidly deploying infrastructure allows you to respond to changes and feature updates.

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Internet of Things

Deploy IoT technologies to unlock valuable data insights from connected devices and networks and create new revenue streams.

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Mobile Apps

Let us help you de-mystify the process of mobile app development for you. We can successfully bring your app to the masses.

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Helping you replatform, refactor and re-architect your solutions to take full advantage of the AWS Cloud.

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SaaS Solutions

Optimizing scalable, low-cost architecture to rapidly deploy market-ready SaaS-based solutions.

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We deploy AWS Lambda to deliver reliable, secure, scalable solutions that meet our clients’ need for fast, efficient delivery at reasonable costs.

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With real-time processing and encryption at rest, DynamoDB allows you to analyze your IoT data and ensure it is protected.

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Case Studies

Tricon American Homes

Tricon American Homes (TAH) is the fourth largest publicly-owned single family rental company in the U.S. Founded in 2012, the company has a portfolio of over 16,800 homes in 18 metropolitan areas and nine states. Tricon has gained its competitive advantage by offering highly responsive, personalized service and translating it into profitable long-term customer relationships. Learn more

Verdant Web Technologies

Verdant offers management software solutions to track, access, and update facility Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) compliance and sampling information. With a growing customer base and a maturing product, Verdant was starting to encounter big DevOps and infrastructure challenges that threatened to slow its market momentum. The company’s migration of thought and concept demanded a far more scalable model. To the Five Talent team, it was clear that the AWS platform could help them pivot and evolve.Learn more