AWS for Startups

As a custom software developer, collaborating with startups is one of Five Talent’s core strengths. With diverse workloads and unique business cases, young companies have been inspiring us for over a decade to explore, learn, and become experts in different technology stacks and bleeding edge solutions such as IoT, AI, and ML. Problem solving complex business cases and developing new go to market strategies brings out the best in our team.

Adapting to the Startup Business Model
Because 40% of our clients are startup entrepreneurs, we’ve optimized and adapted our development process to fit the startup model, prioritizing time to market and cost efficiencies. Unlike with enterprise clients, we focus our attention on a limited MVP. This means delaying load tests and reliability improvements as well as holding off on polishing UI until we’ve captured critical user feedback for the new solution.

We also give startups a lot of options and flexibility in terms of how we work together. For example, some companies prefer to handle specific aspects of a project such as QA, when others want us to manage their entire process from ideation to deployment.

Following the Well-Architected Framework
We use the Well-Architected Framework to guide our ideation process as well as to develop Proofs of Concept and MVPs. Once your application is up and running, we help you set up DevOps best practices for capturing and responding to user feedback to drive future innovation. We also build dashboards for monitoring KPIs to ensure the ongoing health of your application. For SaaS based companies, we help set post-deployment expectations and show you how to establish DevOps environments that support scalability and rapid growth.

Most importantly, we offer strategic business guidance rather than focusing only on technical advice. This includes evaluating pricing models, analyzing market strategies, planning for application maintenance, capturing user feedback, developing KPIs and more.

Partnering with AWS
Pursuing continuous learning and embracing innovation are intentional strategies for Five Talent. These values have also accelerated our relationship with Amazon Web Services (AWS) as an Advanced Consulting Partner.
For startups, AWS offers huge advantages when it comes to the speed, cost and flexibility of spinning up solutions, testing them, and validating your technologies.

Key Advantages of AWS for Startups

  • Build and Test Proofs of Concept (POCs)
    Experimenting with technical solutions is far easier in the AWS cloud than in any other cloud platform. As a startup, you can use the AWS infrastructure to develop POCs quickly and cost effectively in order to prove the technical validity of your concept, test performance, and understand your costs. This ensures that your application meets both your business needs and your cost objectives.
  • Leverage AWS Hosting Credits & Flexible Pricing Models
    In addition to providing affordable pay-for-use pricing models to help new companies scale, AWS has built a strong ecosystem for entrepreneurs. It offers unique funding opportunities through initiatives such as the Activate for Startups program. Aimed at supporting entrepreneurs with training and resources, this program also reduces hosting fees through AWS credits. As an AWS Activate Consulting Partner, we’ve partnered closely with the AWS Startup Team to make sure our clients have access to Activate benefits (up to $100k in hosting credits) as well as other AWS startup programs.
  • Access the AWS MarketplaceIf your product is going to serve other AWS clients or if you’re a SaaS based company with an eligible solution, you can list your product in the AWS Marketplace which includes millions of users who can find it, download it and install it in their environment.

ARE YOU A STARTUP? Find out how AWS solutions and Five Talent can support your innovation.

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