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Innovating for the Future

Since its launch, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has succeeded in solving the biggest DevOps challenges for cloud-based hosting, scalability, maintainability, and security. Today Amazon’s global infrastructure solutions have transformed cloud-based computing and unleashed limitless possibilities for the future of app and software development.

Think that’s impressive? Welcome to AWS 2016.

Two weeks ago at its re:Invent conference, the Amazon team unveiled a dizzying amount of services and apps on the bleeding edge of innovation in big data, AI, serverless environments, and more. With 70 teams solely dedicated to inventing the future of the cloud, Amazon spent 2016 working intimately with its clients and partners to build over 1000 new services. This exponential wave of innovation has companies rushing to figure out how to leverage it ahead of their competitors and has developers scrambling to get up to speed with their AWS certifications to help them.

As an early AWS Partner and beta developer, at Five Talent we’ve actively pursued competencies in the platform as well and offer this unique view into Amazon’s latest announcements. Here are our top takeaways from re:Invent 2016:

1. Once a radical idea, serverless environments are now the industry standard.

When AWS introduced Lambda two years ago, serverless environments were revolutionary. And while the technology they supported was limited at first, AWS has pushed hard to open up those environments to across the board technologies. Without having to architect for scalability, development teams can now move projects along faster than ever and help their customers reap the bottom line benefits.

  • Speed up development
  • Lower costs
  • Leverage limitless scalability

“AWS has given us incredible tools for handling all of the complex parts of building software. Now we can focus on using these new innovations to help our clients differentiate their businesses.” – Ryan Comingdeer, Five Talent CTO

2. Save your stacks! SQL tool delivers analytics against big data instantly.

One of the very first features AWS added was S3, simple “massively scalable” object storage in the cloud. It is amazing to think that you can store petabytes of data every day, and literally save every stack you might possibly need about the software you’re running. In the past, mining that kind of big data has been costly and time-intensive. With Athena, Amazon has added a SQL tool on top of S3 that lets you to run Standard SQL statements against trillions of files at once, with immediate results. Those queries unlock big data with instant analytics that can be exponentially more sophisticated than before, at a vastly reduced cost.

  • Collect deep analytics against large scale data
  • Reduce costs – pay only for queries you run
  • Get results in seconds

“Going forward, we’re going to store every stack we possibly can about projects so we can give business owners the information they need to understand how their software is being used.” – Ryan Comingdeer, CTO

3. Artificial Intelligence is smarter, cheaper, and 100% accessible.

With Amazon’s new AI tools, any developer can harness machine learning to build next generation applications. These include Polly, a text-to-speech (TTS) service, as well as Amazon Lex (built on Alexa), which utilizes natural language understanding and speech recognition. While machine learning has unparalleled potential, it remains an area of hesitancy for clients who aren’t sure what questions to ask and whether they can trust the answers. As these tools become more prevalent and developers are able to build things better, faster, and cheaper, there is less demand for just writing code and a greater need for expertise on the science of data and guidance for how to use it strategically.

  • Improve user experiences
  • Create lifelike conversations
  • Accessible to every developer

4. AWS Shield thwarts massive DDOS attacks automatically.

Last, Amazon has created free services that block DDOS attacks. Whether you are a smaller company like Five Talent or as large as Amazon, you face daily DDOS threats that take up time and resources. Fending these attacks off can feel like an endless battle. With services like AWS Shield, Amazon is making it harder and harder for hackers to launch DDOS attacks.

  • FREE service stops DDOS attacks
  • Reduce costs associated with attack response and prevention
  • The Five Talent AWS Partnership

Amazon continues to push the edge of innovation in cloud-based computing by aligning closely with its customers and its partners. Five Talent’s evolving partnership with AWS provides exciting opportunities for our developers to learn, vet, and test new services at an early stage. It’s a creative collaboration that benefits our own growth and that of our customers. For example, a client might come to us with a problem that hasn’t been solved well in the past. Now we can pull out the AWS services as well as meet with our AWS Technical Partners and architecture a new best practice for their problem that allows for maintainability, reliability and scalability, all while keeping cost in mind.

“Very few organizations do as many different types of projects as Five Talent does in a year. This is why AWS loves us as a beta partner. We play with innovative concepts and new technologies all the time and it gives us a very broad knowledge base.” – Preston Callicott, CEO

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