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Technical Expertise

Build faster, save more, and operate more securely using today’s leading edge Cloud based solutions. Whether you’re creating web or mobile applications or developing enterprise-level software, our expert team helps you push your competitive edge with Cloud innovation.

Our Expertise

Well-Architected Framework

Develop reliable, secure applications with an optimal infrastructure for scaling your solutions to new markets. We have in-depth training and experience implementing architectural best practices to help you adapt and perform.

Discovery to Deployment

Our seasoned developers take time to understand your business requirements and objectives before designing solutions. We start by uncovering challenges and exploring new opportunities. Then we apply principles of continuous improvement throughout the life of your project to build an application that fits your exact needs.

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Case Studies

Verdant Web Technologies

Verdant offers management software solutions to track, access, and update facility Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) compliance and sampling information. With a growing customer base and a maturing product, Verdant was starting to encounter big DevOps and infrastructure challenges that threatened to slow its market momentum. The company’s migration of thought and concept demanded a far more scalable model. To the Five Talent team, it was clear that the AWS platform could help them pivot and evolve.Learn more

Tricon American Homes

Tricon American Homes (TAH) is the fourth largest publicly-owned single family rental company in the U.S. Founded in 2012, the company has a portfolio of over 16,800 homes in 18 metropolitan areas and nine states. Tricon has gained its competitive advantage by offering highly responsive, personalized service and translating it into profitable long-term customer relationships. Learn more