Five Talent Achieves 50+ AWS Certification

Depth of expertise solidifies consultancy as one of top Advanced Consulting Partners with AWS Cloud expertise

February 3, 2020 – Five Talent developers have officially completed over 50 Amazon Web Services (AWS) certifications, making the company one of the most technically experienced Advanced Consulting Partners in the AWS partner ecosystem.

For the last several years, the consultancy has pushed its developers to continually hone their skills and gain experience with AWS tools and services. The company’s primary focus is on Application Development, SaaS, Security and Startups (POCs/MVPs).

“It’s rare for a company our size to have so many certifications,” explains CTO Ryan Comingdeer. “However, with the diversity and volume of projects in our pipeline, we need our entire team highly skilled and aligned with what AWS has to offer our clients.”

Certifications have been completed by all employees ranging from junior to senior developers. At a minimum, the entire team of Five Talent has become AWS Certified Cloud Practitioners. This certification ensures a foundational understanding of the AWS Cloud architectural principles as well as basic security and compliance aspects of the AWS platform.  In addition to the basics, 25% of the certifications achieved are at the Professional or Specialty status, which are the most challenging and sought after of all AWS certifications.

“When you work with us, you can be confident we know what we’re doing when it comes to architecting for the AWS Cloud,” says Comingdeer. “Continuous learning is one of our core values and we’ll continue to pursue greater levels of expertise as we expand and grow. This is good for us and good for our clients.”

About Five Talent

Five Talent is a technology consultancy and custom design and development firm in Bend and Portland, Oregon. As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, Five Talent collaborates with clients to ideate, evaluate and build software that integrates best practices, drives innovation, and propels market success. The company’s AWS certified technology advisors create solutions for custom applications, hardware integration, and startups and enterprise organizations that enhance business agility at the digital edge.

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