Five Talent Qualifies to Deliver Funding for Amazon Personalize & Amazon Forecast POCs

April 7, 2020 – Five Talent has just qualified to deliver and receive funding for Amazon Personalize and Amazon Forecast proof-of-concepts. The company is one of only a dozen AWS Consulting Partners in North America trained to deliver POCs with less than four days of hands-on engagement.

While most businesses are focused on addressing immediate challenges during the current climate, some are leveraging this time and their underutilized resources to optimize online strategies and operational efficiencies.

“We’re encouraging clients to jump on these funding opportunities,” says Five Talent CTO Ryan Comingdeer. “Our experience is that implementing plug and play ML tools gives you a rapid ROI. If you’ve been considering tackling some tough use cases, we can help you develop and test POCs in only a few days with minimal capital investment.”

Launched this past June, Amazon Personalize and Amazon Forecast unlock the power of machine learning with affordable, accessible ML solutions that improve customer experience, increase forecasting accuracy, and boost profitability. Amazon Forecast can improve forecasting by 50% by recognizing complex and irregular trends impacting product demand, financial performance, and resource needs. Amazon Personalize allows you to build sophisticated recommendation engines for creating individualized customer experiences for products, content, and promotions.

CONTACT US about funding for machine learning POCs and learn more about how you can use ML to supercharge your business.

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