Enterprise Technology Solutions

Have an existing business workflow that could be more streamlined and efficient? Need to eliminate redundancies, reduce errors and duplication of effort?

Partner with a seasoned team of technology and business professionals who know the questions to ask and how to ask them. We will ideate and scope your unique business requirements from diverse points of view (not single-minded), and plan an approach and solution that’s robust and reliable.  Sound development at each milestone as your project is built using Agile development techniques, working closely with your team to collaborate, develop and test at milestones.

Custom Software

From simple applications to complex, multi-disciplinary or enterprise-level solutions no matter the industry, work with Five Talent’s seasoned professionals to envision, ideate and build a software solution suited to your business needs and budget.

Mobile Apps

Have a mobile app idea but not sure where to start? Let Five Talent professionals de-mystify the process of mobile app development. From the initial concept to the release of your app on targeted app stores like iTunes and Google Play, seasoned professionals will help you navigate the unknowns.

Hardware Integration

Whether your goal is to manage business relationships, workflow or information, Five Talent has the solution that will make your processes smoother, more efficient and exactly what you need it to be. Our custom software integration will make your business more productive.

AWS Cloud Solutions

Infrastructure costs high? Systems secure? Need scalable solutions? As part of Amazon’s APN Partner Network, Five Talent’s seasoned business professionals can enable your delivery model through the AWS cloud platform.


Need to take your idea or product to the next level but not sure where to begin? Five Talent strategists, designers and facilitators can help you and your team to explore and envision the “what ifs”.

Let’s Work Together

If you’d like to discuss a project you’re working on, drop us a line. We’d love to learn more about what you’re building.