Startup Technology Solutions

We can help bring your idea from initial concept to successful reality.

No matter how well you understand your own product, unbiased feedback and insights are invaluable for improving your offering. We guide you from your earliest stages through funding and product launch, helping you envision product possibilities, market strategies, and customer engagement with a solution that meets your budget.

Our connected suite of startup services includes:

Product Ideation

Have a killer idea you’d like to explore or build? Getting ready to pitch to investors? Work with Five Talent startup strategists, designers and facilitators to explore opportunities, avoid costly mistakes, and create a compelling vision that will attract investors, partners and customers.

Mobile Apps

Have a mobile app idea but not sure where to start? Let Five Talent professionals de-mystify the process of mobile app development. From the initial concept to the release of your app on targeted app stores like iTunes and Google Play, seasoned professionals will help you navigate the unknowns.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Whether your goal is to manage business relationships, workflow or information, Five Talent has the solution that will make your processes smoother, more efficient and exactly what you need it to be. Our custom software integration will make your business more productive.

Website Design/Development

Lead generation, e-commerce, brochure, newspaper or magazine. You name it and we can create and develop it. If you’re looking to update your current site, completely revamp your site or develop a new site entirely, we’ll help you find what you need to do to make it happen.

Brand/Content Strategy

How does your brand represent your organization online to resonate and connect with your target audience? Five Talent creative design and content strategy professionals can help you to define, design and message your unique story online.

Digital Marketing

Bring your offering to the masses with help from our results-focused digital marketing. SEO, paid advertising, social media, content strategy, email automation and more. One size definitely does not fit all.

AWS Cloud Solutions

Infrastructure costs high? Systems secure? Need scalable solutions? As part of Amazon’s APN Partner Network, Five Talent’s seasoned business professionals can enable your delivery model through the AWS cloud platform.

Let’s Work Together

Have an idea to explore or project that you’d like to discuss with us? Drop us a line here to start the conversation.