Infrastructure for

Digital Transformation

Unlock valuable insights from connected devices and networks and create new revenue streams with emerging IoT technologies. We architect secure, reliable infrastructures that transform how you collect, transfer and analyze data from your end of the line devices and sensors.

Our Expertise

AWS Greengrass

Amazon FreeRTOS

AWS IoT Core

Amazon Cognito

Amazon SNS

Amazon API Gateway

AWS Lambda

Amazon Kinesis

Amazon SQS
Machine learning

Implement machine learning solutions to analyze the constant stream of data from your IoT devices and gain actionable insights.

Powering Better Decisions

Quickly respond to market demands and reduce technical debt by increasing stability and improving your overall security.

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Case Studies

Tricon American Homes

Tricon American Homes (TAH) is the fourth largest publicly-owned single family rental company in the U.S. Founded in 2012, the company has a portfolio of over 16,800 homes in 18 metropolitan areas and nine states. Tricon has gained its competitive advantage by offering highly responsive, personalized service and translating it into profitable long-term customer relationships. Learn more

Mak Grills

MAK Grills had been trying for over a year to launch a custom mobile/desktop app for its grills at high costs and with little success. For the Mak Grill founders, the app represented a unique competitive advantage for the company with first-to-market urgency. When initial development efforts stalled, MAK Grills asked Five Talent to take on the project and bring it to launch by an aggressive deadline. Learn more