Saddling Up for the AWS Wild Rydes Workshop

Saddling Up for the AWS Wild Rydes Workshop: February 22nd, Portland, OR

Five Talent helps Developers Take the Reins to Learn Serverless Computing

February 19, 2018
Five Talent’s CTO Ryan Comingdeer doesn’t usually hang out with unicorns. That is, unless he’s leading an Amazon Web Services (AWS) workshop to build a serverless app for a magical unicorn transportation service. Sound like a fairytale? Serverless architecture used to be a rare mythical beast only a few years ago but that story is changing. Using a serverless platform to build and run applications is now considered best-practice, and AWS continues to blaze new trails for its adoption.
For developers, it’s clear that getting skilled at serverless computing is a career imperative. Whether they are senior developers or software engineers straight out of school, most haven’t had the opportunity to build serverless applications. Hosted by the Amazon Web Services and sponsored by Technology Association of Oregon (TAO), the AWS Wild Rydes workshop will give them that chance.
In the 4 hour hands-on workshop, Comingdeer will guide developers in building serverless applications and microservices using services such as AWS Lambda, AWS Step Functions, Amazon API Gateway, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon Kinesis, and Amazon S3. The group will be building for common use cases like web applications, analytics, and more.
Five Talent is one of a few consulting firms in the industry with almost a decade of AWS experience. The Bend, Oregon consulting shop began using Amazon Web Services back in 2010 before most of their clients had even heard of AWS. “It was bleeding edge stuff back then, but it didn’t take long before we found ourselves choosing AWS as the best cloud platform for almost every project,” says Five Talent CEO Preston Callicott. “Amazon is the long term best bet because they offer the broadest level of services. 95% of our clients come to us requesting AWS. That reality has strengthened our partnership with Amazon out of necessity as well as a strategic choice.”
Five Talent became a formal AWS Mobile Competency Development & Consulting Partner in 2013, joining global tech firms like Accenture, Slalom Consulting and Mobiquity. The company was also recently selected as one of a few launch partners for the AWS Well-Architected™ framework. “Amazon is revolutionizing how we manage and architect code,” says Comingdeer. “That’s why we’ve invested in getting our development team AWS proficient and certified. We want to build applications for our clients that deliver on security, performance, operations, reliability, and cost. These are the fundamental benefits of using AWS cloud solutions.”
Five Talent continues to expand its development team to meet client demand. The company opened a new satellite office in Portland, Oregon last month and is aggressively recruiting talent. “We have enough project diversity and volume to give developers a lot of opportunities to learn AWS and what it has to offer,” says Comingdeer. “If you want to understand the serverless environment and all the tools that go along with it, real world experience is invaluable. This is a huge leap and you have to know how to cross that chasm.”
Wild Rydes Workshop with AWS and Five Talent
Thursday, February 22nd
4 – 8 pm
AWS Elemental
1320 Southwest Broadway #400
Portland, Oregon
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