United States Canada Region of the Church of the Nazarene (USCRO)

Our Work

  • Streamlining web and brand presence online
  • Active leadership role in building collaboration
  • Custom website designs
  • Content consolidation into CMS


This large organization had many different departments, each that had established an individual website presence and identity that needed to be maintained and managed. Organization leadership set a goal to steamline it’s online presence while decreasing it’s total annual online expenses.


Five Talent engineers and designers took an active lead role surveying each of the departments, building consensus from different stakeholders and then synthesizing the messaging and brand into an identity that better represented the organization as a whole. A style guide with messaging to different target audiences, along with an action plan to reduce from 40 websites down to 8 websites was presented to church leadership and buy-in was secured.


After design and implementation of the new websites (in total distilling 40,000 pages of content down to 400 pages), the organization realized a 90% savings in annual costs, and have realized better continuity and comminication of the organization’s brand.

Live Site