Mak Grills Mobile

Mak Grills manufactures precision BBQ and smokers, with a wireless mobile app that allows owners full operational control of their grills through remote devices.

MAK Grills had been trying for over a year to launch a custom mobile/desktop app for its grills at high costs and with little success. For the Mak Grill founders, the app represented a unique competitive advantage for the company with first-to-market urgency. When initial development efforts stalled, MAK Grills asked Five Talent to take on the project and bring it to launch by an aggressive deadline.

New expertise energizes a struggling project

Five Talent has a steady stream of unfinished projects that began somewhere else and for many reasons, have stalled out. Our seasoned development team knows how to uncover where the wheels came off, evaluate what can be salvaged, and what needs to happen to bring the project to launch. With MAK Grills, they quickly discovered that only 40% of the existing code was usable. Given the urgency to take a reliable app to market, they went to work building a far stronger foundation and completed the remaining 60% of the project by the deadline.


  • Lowered project cost by utilizing 40% of existing code
  • Rolled out new app on time and on budget
  • Delivered both hardware integration and a mobile application that was easy to use and performed consistently without issues
  • MAK Grills has received numerous industry awards for MAK Grills Mobile