Verdant Web Technologies

Seamless Integration with Amazon EC2 for Microsoft Windows

Verdant’s management software solutions track, access, and update facility Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) compliance and sampling information. With a growing customer base, the company was beginning to confront scalability, reliability, and performance challenges that could not be solved with their existing on premise infrastructure. Verdant President Ron Petti engaged Five Talent to conduct a Well-Architected Framework review and support their migration to the AWS cloud.

As an enterprise level company, Verdant wanted to migrate to AWS with their existing Microsoft technology stack. This was a requirement for two reasons: 1) All of their technical engineers already used Microsoft (.NET and SQL Server); and 2) Verdant’s industry clients had tools integrated with Microsoft and were loyal to their solutions. With several Microsoft certified developers, we were confident of a seamless integration with AWS services.

We rewrote Verdant’s entire on-premise workload to AWS using Amazon EC2 for Microsoft Windows Server, building a scalable framework that addressed their business challenges. To do this, we leveraged IIS and the .NET framework. We kept the company’s SQL Server but hosted it on Amazon RDS for SQL Server to improve capacity, decrease costs, and reduce database administration. We also automated their deployment using Jenkins and Elastic Beanstalk. Like their enterprise clients, they were using Active Directory for user authentication which we were able to easily integrate with SAML.

In the end, Verdant was able to stay with a Microsoft technology stack their internal team and customers trusted and were familiar with while taking advantage of the compute capacity of the AWS cloud. Because we began with an existing framework, we were also able to complete the migration far more quickly and focus on adding value with our customized solution.